Catalyst in German car

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Catalyst in German car

Postby Lotussi » Thu 26.03.2020, 10:59

Hi there,

The Catalyst red light on the dash board comes on after 1-2 minutes of engine running.
I previously thought Catalyst were only built in to the Japanese versions
But got the confirmation from Lotus, that mine does have a Catalyst
I go my car with the engine in a box and have, with a lot of help,built the engine back in.
The car has been standing still for 10 years.
Any idea what we should do?
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Re: Catalyst in German car

Postby Neil D. » Thu 26.03.2020, 13:30

Remove the catalytic converter
Car passes emmission in France without for past 15 years...
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Re: Catalyst in German car

Postby GeoffSmith » Thu 26.03.2020, 17:40

The cat overheating light is only connected in the Japanese Elans but mine came on a few years ago. I removed the lamp from the instrument cluster and I've never had the problem again.
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Re: Catalyst in German car

Postby Saltire » Thu 26.03.2020, 20:14

My car is an S2 (like Geoff’s), and has a catalyst fitted. On mine, the cat light comes on if the ECU is in service mode (I have a switch in the glovebox, so I don’t use a paper clip, but same principle).

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