M100 Service

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M100 Service

Postby mikecg » Fri 03.03.2017, 12:04

Hi I wanted to ask, having owned my M100 for one year. Is it OK to service our own cars or should we give them to a Garage to get the stamp. I am quite capable of giving my car a great service plus as owners do, some additional TLC but wondered whether it affects the value of the car over time?

Thanks Mike
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Re: M100 Service

Postby Elanlover » Fri 03.03.2017, 12:51

Hi Mike, I suppose the answer to your question is that it depends on what you want to do. Most people here do at least some of their own work. Oil and other fluid changes are pretty basic and no one would fault you for doing you own. You can keep your own records of you like. More serious work can be left to the experts unless you are feeling brave, knowledgeable or both. Given the age of the car I doubt anyone would consider the value to diminish because you did some of your own maintenance. Now, if you're planning to sell it shortly then there may be an advantage to having a garage do the work for you.

But what would you ever want to do that???? :-D
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Re: M100 Service

Postby Artaban » Fri 03.03.2017, 13:52

I don't think servicing it yourself would be an issue for me if I was buying so long as it was well documented. What I do is print off the servicing sheets from the Workshop Manual (page 463 in v6 of the manual, Section OE) and fill those out each time to show that I've done the correct things at the correct intervals.

When I go and look at a car and the guy says that he's serviced it himself and only has a few receipts for a few litres of oil I walk away as there is nothing to prove he's done anything. When looking to buy a Honda CRV for the wife I had one guy who worked for the local BMW dealership and whilst I could accept he was competent and had probably looked after it there would be a 4 year blank in the serving record when I came to sell the car. That was enough to put me off buying the car because he didn't record what he'd done.

Don't know if that helps.
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Re: M100 Service

Postby Rambo » Fri 03.03.2017, 14:42

Personally I like to see nicely stamped up and recorded work, whether it is by a garage or the owner. A comprehensive history of all work carried out is good if/when you come to sell the car

If it bothers you, why not get your own stamp made up and then you can stamp up in the back of the grey logbook. Just a thought :wink:
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