black box next to the battery?

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black box next to the battery?

Postby kevin31157 » Sat 04.03.2017, 18:39

Hi all,
Long time since i`ve been on LEC for a problem and always had good advice and help. Now getting the car back on the road again after 18 months sorn`d having fixed the n/s light motor with new bushings and a replacement engine fitted by my garage last year, and new battery. Heres a question regarding a small black box next to the battery with a little knob on the top and a red rod the knob is attached to. It pulls up about an inch and then clicks to a stop. You can push it down again in the same manner. Having had the car nearly 8 years i have never noticed this before having been into the battery bay many times. Now having the battery replaced i only noticed it when i`d taken the old battery out, so i didn`t try to pull it up with the engine running to see if it could possibly be a cut out switch. WHAT IS IT? Answer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Re: black box next to the battery?

Postby Elanlover » Sat 04.03.2017, 18:50

I believe that might be the inertial fuel cutoff switch. In FED cars, its located behind the driver's seat but in UK cars I believe its near the battery. Doesn't sound like the electronics ground box which has no buttons and is marked "Electronics Ground". Go figure.
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Re: black box next to the battery?

Postby alan e » Sat 04.03.2017, 21:03

Its the fuel cut off switch just in case you roll the car it cuts off the petrol pump its on the Wiki I think.
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