Headlamp actuator repair

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Headlamp actuator repair

Postby konehead » Sat 04.11.2017, 03:37

My passenger side (US) headlamp will not raise all the way. I was told by someone who also owns an M100 that the repair was easy (a no brainer!), but after ordering the rebuild parts and reading the detailed instructions for a 1987 Fiero I am somewhat confused. I was hoping that someone who had done the repair could post some easier to follow instructions for the M100. (Why is the headlamp repair link in "repairs" not active?) Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. PS Just watched a Youtube video about actuator repair, so I think I've got it, just ignore the screams you may hear as I try to duplicate the 12 minutes in less than 12 hours. Cheers, TOK
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Re: Headlamp actuator repair

Postby rip » Sat 04.11.2017, 07:38

If you can get a friend to help, that would be great. I fond that people have more patience with someone else's property than they do their own.
I found that getting the wheel arch liner out was the most difficult bit. Putting the motor back together was a little fiddly but you will discover how it is assembled when you take it apart.
It is obvious where the crushed bits go.
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