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Sussed It!

Postby lotusles » Mon 02.08.2021, 18:13

If you want your Elan to pass thew MOT each year without issues, lend it to a friend with a museum and dont ever drive it :oops:

Car has just passed MOT for 3rd year in a row with no advisories and with only an extra 50 miles on the clock, not much fun though as an owner :lol:

So in my reckoning, you use the car and the brakes fail at MOT, it has to be salt/crud etc that causes this surely?
I was planning to bring it out of mothballs and take it to the Newbury Racecourse show this weekend, but I dont think thats going to happen now, would still prefer the 4.2 E Type Coupe though, but it doesn't fit very well in the garage, boy are they bloody long
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