What does the replacement recall fuel tank look like?

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What does the replacement recall fuel tank look like?

Postby John Syracuse » Sun 03.04.2016, 13:03

So I've had the gas tank of my Elan laying around for a couple weeks now and I've been researching options for what to do to fix the cracked neck problem and a lot of what I find is that people patch and repair the crack, but I've got concerns that simply repairing the cracks doesn't solve the problem since the tank is just reinstalled back into the conditions that caused the cracking in the first place. I was hoping once I had it out, I might be able to figure out support options or modifications for providing better sway and lateral support for the tank to try to off-load the nozzle, which would make a patch job more viable for the long term, but so far I haven't been able to think of anything that will work in the confined space available (still thinking it over though).

All this being the case, does anyone have pictures of what the replacement fuel tank for the recall in the States actually looks like? I just am interested to see if Lotus just gave people a new tank with the same vulnerability or if they made attempts to solve the problem by reinforcing the tank/nozzle interface or installing different supporting straps, or anything like that.

Otherwise, my options are to follow along with patch repairing, buy a new tank from Lotus (which if it's the same damn thing, screw that, I'll just patch the one I got), or look into custom options, probably try to reach out to a custom manufacturer to provide a fuel bladder or custom fuel tank (both of which are likely going to cost a lot of money, so if anyone else is interested...).

Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance.

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