leather seats recolouring

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leather seats recolouring

Postby kevinrooney » Thu 11.10.2018, 12:09

Does anyone have a colour dye reference for the Leather for the car seats or experience of using these types of products.
Looking to get a colour dye kit to try and improve recondition the seats . alternative is an expensive retrim.
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Re: leather seats recolouring

Postby dapinky » Thu 11.10.2018, 12:24

Hi kevin,

I have used the leather recolouring stuff from Furniture Clinic - https://www.furnitureclinic.co.uk/Leather_Colourant_Kit and am happy with the results.

I used a 'standard' black colour as it was when i was fitting the Honda S2000 seats - so can't comment on the colour match for the Lotus seats - they do an 'exact matching' service (at a slight price premium), or have a selection of greys in their range.

I also used it on my centre console, door cards and A pillar trims and it hasn't worn away from any surface (yet!) - 4 years on.

The only comment I would make is that you may end up needing extra 'top coat' finisher - I added a couple of extra coats for the hell of it..... but if it's just for the seats then you may not need extra. (because I was doing other stuff as well, i also bought extra colour).

The kit they supply includes an airbrush and propellant can(s) - which is pretty rubbish to be honest. I already have a compressor and small 'touch-up' spraygun, and found it was easily the best way to do the job. If you already have them, it is possibly better value to just buy the colour & sealer/finisher from them, then use Acetone for the prep work with a scouring pad to clean it all up.

Just the one now, but this one's mine! - and it will be finished eventually.....

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Re: leather seats recolouring

Postby RonR » Thu 11.10.2018, 12:39

I've used Liquid Leather Scuff Master dye in the past - They mixed up some "Lotus Raven Grey" which was a good match for my '92 S1 dark grey leather seats.
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Re: leather seats recolouring

Postby petezipp » Thu 11.10.2018, 17:38

Very good but many have the 2 grey seats, this is a problem. I have used furniture clinic on my Jag they are great for touching up. I did have the manufacturers code.
I doubt if lotus ever had acode . The other solution is a sample but I can't find two bits to cut off.
perhaps someone has a scrap seat which we could send to the clinic and our members could order.
sort of group buy idea.
Out of interest I had a partial retrim on mine, o why didn't I ask the trimmer for the old bits !!!
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