Steering wheel replacement USA Elan

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Steering wheel replacement USA Elan

Postby John Price » Wed 26.09.2018, 22:07

The leather on my Elan M100's steering wheel is getting rather tired and ratty looking. Plus it's the GM airbag model that's just not attractive to begin with. Time to think about perhaps a new wheel.

Do any of you M100 owners out there recommend a nice after market one? (sans air bag is fine) Can I even get such a thing anymore?

I was also thinking of buying a gently used M100 wheel - non airbag model - but I'm not sure if it'll fit the USA spec steering column boss (or how hard it'd be to get an adapter machined).

Anyway, for you M100 owners that have done this I'd love to hear what you have to say and recommend.


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Re: Steering wheel replacement USA Elan

Postby simonbuk » Wed 03.10.2018, 22:11

Hi, I think I replied on the same Facebook advert ? (But forgot to respond)

I have one for sale in the 'For Sale' section........(I honestly didn't mean that to sound as patronising as it did) :lol:
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Re: Steering wheel replacement USA Elan

Postby Giniw » Wed 03.10.2018, 22:49

FYI, new SIR steering wheels are still available (or were until recently). But still as ugly as in the 90s I'm afraid.
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Re: Steering wheel replacement USA Elan

Postby dolmerob » Tue 18.12.2018, 09:27

Any update, OP? What steering wheel did you get? Need to replace mine soon.
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