Leather restoration products that actually work?

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Re: Leather restoration products that actually work?

Postby clarky5150 » Tue 17.11.2009, 13:53

Just bringing this to the top to see if anyone has found something to work on the sealed seats. I had a TVR Cerbera that had had the bolsters badly retouched in cream colour. I ended up stripping the seats protective coating with thinners. I know it sounds harsh but once stripped (clear coat only) the leather underneath was fantastically soft and supple and i Kept it clean with autoglym cleaner and cream.
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Re: Leather restoration products that actually work?

Postby Marcus_uk » Tue 17.11.2009, 14:12

Ive got the woolies waterbased die for my S2, but have only had a chance to test it out on a small area as yet (I have lots of other things on the to do list)

Looks like it works fine to me, hasnt rubbed off or gone sticky as other people have reported when restoring s2 seats. Looks like they have done quite a few elans as they appear a few times on there color matching list. I didnt even have to send in a sample (even through thte place is just down the road), and the color they sent was a great match.

I will let you know how I get on when I do the full seats.... whenever that may be 2010 (maybe)
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Re: Leather restoration products that actually work?

Postby HJ2 » Tue 11.06.2019, 13:09

Any update on this gents?

I want to toch up some small damages sections & piping and i am unsure what to use on my (apparantly water based sealant) S2 seats :oops:
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Re: Leather restoration products that actually work?

Postby dolmerob » Thu 05.12.2019, 04:07

My buddy used Leatherique and the result was quite impressive.
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