Underlay Sound Insulation

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Underlay Sound Insulation

Postby Simon_P » Sat 26.03.2022, 14:05

Reccomendations please?

There are some old links and descriptions but I couldn't see anything current. What have people used? How good is it at sound deadening? How has it worn under foot/ heel?
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Re: Underlay Sound Insulation

Postby Saltire » Sat 26.03.2022, 19:47

Hi Simon

My winter project has been to check the footwells and strip out the old underlay.

I removed all the old stuff (which was filthy) and made sure the floor pan was sound. Then I fitted this stuff,which is self adhesive, on the floor pan, and followed it up with this closed cell foam. I used 10mm thickness, and you’ll need 2 metres by 1 metre to do both footwells and the cockpit sides up to sill level.

Can’t tell you how it is on the road, because I’m waiting for the seats to come back from the trimmers, but subjectively and in the garage, the interior does seem less noisy. I’ve used the Noico pads in the doors as well.

Note that you’ll need something like a wallpaper roller to settle the sound deadening pads properly.

Hope that helps :D

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Re: Underlay Sound Insulation

Postby HJ2 » Wed 30.03.2022, 11:17

Top tip!
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Re: Underlay Sound Insulation

Postby Kipperozzy » Wed 30.03.2022, 20:11

Hi Simon, I used dodomat , warming it up with a hair dryer, and then closed cell foam both from auction site when I changed mine . As I have carpet and mat on top, no issues with wear through :D
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Re: Underlay Sound Insulation

Postby johnj » Sat 14.05.2022, 10:04

Does the use of modern materials make the cockpit appreciably quieter?
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