Instrument dial repair

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Instrument dial repair

Postby ElanSteve » Tue 13.09.2022, 17:17

My oil pressure gauge had been looking odd for a while so I checked it out. Turns out the body had separated from the bezel. The voltmeter was also the same. The white plastic lip on the body had completely separated all the way around. Now I also need to replace the face on the voltmeter which had curled up at the edges and disintegrated.

Meanwhile how to secure the bezel? An old writeup - sadly pics no longer available - mentioned using superglue. I also recall another post mentioning PVA/PVC cement. Any wisdom on which approach is best, and will hold the bezel on securely? How about JB Weld?


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Re: Instrument dial repair

Postby M100-NC » Tue 13.09.2022, 21:09

PM message sent.
I am in the US and have a LARGE collection of M100 parts available for sale, both new and used.
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