Tips for removing the dash?

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Tips for removing the dash?

Postby Elanlover » Mon 23.05.2016, 14:48

As the title says, any tips out there? The tech manuals make it look relatively simple (I already have the fascia out) although I'm curious if its possible to do it without removing all the vent screws at the front given how hard they can be to get at. Anyone removed their dash and have some thoughts? Thanks!
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Re: Tips for removing the dash?

Postby epipete » Mon 23.05.2016, 19:11

My dash is the automotive equivalent too the hokey-cockey, its been in and out more times than .... (enough of that!)

No, you have to remove the vent screws, yes, they are a bitch! I once spent an interesting time trying to remove the Steering wheel boss - damaged the puller before I realised I'd forgotten to undo the nut!

The process is quite straightforward but fiddly and time consuming, its best to plan what you want to do behind there and thrash it all in one go - replace vacuum hoses, repair looms, upgrade alarm, clean, etc, etc
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