Glovebox Repair

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Glovebox Repair

Postby Simon_P » Wed 05.05.2021, 09:57

The cover has come unstuck.

Has anyone experience of re-glueing it?
It has come completely unstuck so I think that the best approach to repairing is to take the lock out so that I can clamp it up properly. Any advice on how to take the lock out please?
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Re: Glovebox Repair

Postby Rambo » Wed 05.05.2021, 11:56

I have done this about 15 years ago Simon but it's so long ago that I've forgotten what I did. But it must have been easy for me to manage it !

The schematic should help though
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Re: Glovebox Repair

Postby alan e » Wed 05.05.2021, 12:00

If you need a cover let me know i got one you can have and i will put it in the boot and give it to you at Castle Combe if you go.
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Re: Glovebox Repair

Postby Dave Eds » Wed 05.05.2021, 13:05

Just slide out No 22 to get the lock off........

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Re: Glovebox Repair

Postby TorqueHorse » Wed 05.05.2021, 13:32

The lock is held in place by sandwiching the housing flange on the outside of the glovebox, and a retaining U clip on the inside. There are little retaining nubs at the top of the U, but you can slide the U down and then you should be able to work the whole thing free.
I tried a couple of adhesives and original Gorilla Glue worked best for me. But FWIW I kept the lock in place to help center the cover while regluing. Good luck.
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Re: Glovebox Repair

Postby dapinky » Wed 05.05.2021, 14:31

I couldn't be arsed to remove the lock (as that was all that was holding mine together), and simply used a length of 3M double sided sticky spongy stuff. Having cleaned the 2 surfaces, sticking it to the actual box was easy, then peel off the green tape and push the cover into place..... it has lasted 10 years so far.

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Re: Glovebox Repair

Postby Simon_P » Sun 09.05.2021, 13:20

Thanks for the kind offer Alan - Mine is now fixed.

DaveEds / Rambo / Torquehorse -yes 22 slides off really easily when you know.

Thanks also to the person who pointed me in the direction of the utube video.

I used contact adhesive and a lot of pegs to hold it together.
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