M100 Chassis On Ebay

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M100 Chassis On Ebay

Postby CallMeLegend » Wed 12.08.2020, 15:28

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Re: M100 Chassis On Ebay

Postby NewLogik » Mon 17.08.2020, 18:42

Nice find ! Could be a restored as a piece of art :D :lol:
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Re: M100 Chassis On Ebay

Postby Brit-Car-Nut » Mon 17.08.2020, 21:38

I have a new one of those although it is the US/FED version.

If you can afford to replace one of those, you could probably afford an Evora and maybe an Esprit for fun and games.
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Re: M100 Chassis On Ebay

Postby simonbuk » Sat 22.08.2020, 14:33

I guess it's not bad for 50 quid (or less ?!).

I bet nobody would think it's actually a car though would they ?! :shock: :D
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Re: M100 Chassis On Ebay

Postby Wortho » Wed 23.09.2020, 12:38

Now sold, so my wife will stop moaning about it being in the garden!

It's gone to someone who is repairing a car with a bent chassis so a good outcome all round, I didn't want to send it to the scrap man if it was going to be of use to someone.
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