Rear Dampers/shocks

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Rear Dampers/shocks

Postby lotusrepair » Fri 06.04.2018, 02:27

I am heading to the next item on the car. The rear shocks. I did not see much on hem when I looked at the listings. What are the current options if anyone has recently picked up a set?

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Re: Rear Dampers/shocks

Postby ElanBRG » Sun 08.04.2018, 06:13

lotusrepair wrote:I am heading to the next item on the car. The rear shocks. I did not see much on hem when I looked at the listings. What are the current options if anyone has recently picked up a set?


I am very happy with the Protech's from SJ's. Not everybody likes them, but I have had them on my V8 Esprit for the last 5 years and they have worked very well.

On the Elan, I kept the original springs, and I was able to dial down the rake of the car to my taste by lowering the rear by about 3/4". The fronts are new OEM-style dampeners with stock springs. I have the Protech's on 7, and it feels good in corners while still being comfortable. I don't track the car.
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Re: Rear Dampers/shocks

Postby marvic » Sun 08.04.2018, 14:58

Mine came with adjustable Protech all round and works well for me. I’ve not driven a stock setup so nothing to compare but set up the damping to suit my driving and very happy with the result. Height at stock setting.
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Re: Rear Dampers/shocks

Postby dolmerob » Wed 16.05.2018, 09:22

My car has Protech's also. I'm very pleased with the ride quality.
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Re: Rear Dampers/shocks

Postby Fredjohn » Wed 16.05.2018, 12:22

I am on Gaz adjustable all round with unknown (possibly original) springs.

Had Gaz on rear when I bought it and replaced front shocks with Gaz a couple of years ago. Happy with them but haven't fiddled with settings, just put them somewhere in the middle!

I don't track the car, just lively road driving and continental tours.
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Re: Rear Dampers/shocks

Postby steve matthews » Wed 16.05.2018, 12:51

I tried the ProTech's wore them out quickly. I do track the car. Went with the Nitron set up and am very pleased.
For day to day driving I think the ProTech will do nicely for you.

Steve :-D
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Re: Rear Dampers/shocks

Postby dapinky » Wed 16.05.2018, 16:33

I had protechs on the red elan when I bought it - can't fault the damping performance, BUT - one rear shock was leaking when I got the car (can't say how long it had been fitted for). The company wern't interested in re-building it, so I bought a pair from SJ's. The new ones were cosmetically different to the ones fitted, but as I was replacing both, not a huge issue......

..... Unfortunately, when removed from the car at a later time (after 4 years use) both had damage to their structure - cracked through the metal at the lower bush.

Not noticed when on the car (and certainly never picked up at MOT time), but when removed I was glad that it hadn't failed whilst driving. In a fitted state, the weight of the car was holding the units in slight compression, with the weight acting through the unit (as it should be!) - so no problem. However, when the car went 'light', either during cornering or braking (or jumping over humpback bridges), the forces would have been against the broken bit and it would be liable to snap and come adrift - not what you want during either cornering or braking!!!!!

Since then, i won't use them (even though they may well have changed the design since that time) - I did notify the company, but never even got the courtesy of an acknowledgement. I don't like places who won't even speak to you - doesn't fill me with any confidence at all.

Interestingly, the front ones seemed to be far more 'solid' in construction and didn't have any problems at all.

On a plus note, I now use AVOs. I bought them from a forum member with a (known) 2 year use with smallish mileage (he was upgrading to Nitrons). I couldn't see any damage/leaks, but as a matter of knowing where I was starting from, I contacted the company. they were extremely helpful and offered to rebuild them for me for a reasonable price. I sent them off, they were done and returned to me looking like new within a week. It cost me about £100 all in (for 4) including postages and VAT.

I am happy with the way they work, and confident that they will last the lifetime of the car as long as I get them rebuilt again before they rust solid (should it be necessary) at some point.

Nitrons are undoubtably the best (with prices to match), but I would say that AVOs are very good, then GAZ with Protech a fair way below them in quality.

If OE were still available, I'd say to get them - if not, it is down to use/budget. Personally (having used/driven all of them) i'd buy either AVO or GAZ if I were in your possition......... but the final choice is yours.

Just the one now, but this one's mine! - and it will be finished eventually.....

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