Brake refurb

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Re: Brake refurb

Postby JossElan » Tue 27.08.2019, 01:39

Great - thanks all.
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Re: Brake refurb

Postby Rambo » Tue 27.08.2019, 08:26

lotusflasherman wrote:
Rambo wrote:But yours look better value Jim :wink:

EBay ones £1.12 per screw, SJS ones £2.07 per screw (5)

No brainer

Huh? SJ's show as 88p each but £5.94 p&p..

I know I failed A Level maths Phil but let me explain my logic......

that SJS price factors in p and p, VAT and postage (£10.34 total) and allows for 5 to equate to the 5 offered in the EBay deal (p and p included)

So, all things being equal, each bleed screw from SJS costs £2.07. The 5 from EBay cost a total of £5.59, so £1.12 per bleed screw

Still a no brainer to me :smt023
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