SJ Sportscars Adjustable Suspension

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SJ Sportscars Adjustable Suspension

Postby Graaf » Tue 04.02.2020, 13:40

The SE that I have bought is fitted with this system .

Is there anyone on here that uses this suspension and if so what settings are you using foe normal road use?

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Re: SJ Sportscars Adjustable Suspension

Postby Rocklobster » Sun 23.02.2020, 20:52

It looks like no-one's got any experience of the SJS kit then...

So, in the absence of any feedback from anyone else, I'd appreciate your letting us know your thoughts when you've had the time & weather to drive it a bit.
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Re: SJ Sportscars Adjustable Suspension

Postby Rambo » Sun 23.02.2020, 22:38

Are you sure they're not made by Protech and SJS don't just flog them ? If so, a few of us run Protech's (Par maybe ?) so should be able to reply to your question

Incidentally, I ran with Protech's on my 1st M100. I wanted the suspension to be the same set up as the OEM set up so my garage just phoned up and asked them. In my ownership I never adjusted them and now can't remember exactly what setting/how many turns I was on (10 F, xR ????) I will check my file and see if I ever made any notes
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Re: SJ Sportscars Adjustable Suspension

Postby steve matthews » Sun 23.02.2020, 23:56

My 1st set were Protech. My notes have them at 11 front 8 rear for track days. Sporting about 6 front 4 rear.
This would be for the Fed. car. I also wore them out in 2 years. :-D

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Re: SJ Sportscars Adjustable Suspension

Postby par » Tue 25.02.2020, 00:15

Rambo is correct, I have the Protech suspension fitted to my Elan but I dont have any record of the settings they are on.

I had to play around with the settings quite a bit, I started from the softest setting and worked from there. There are a lot of speedbumps and potholes around here so didnt want anything to hard and crashy, I also had to adjust the height slightly as I have 16" non standard wheel and the fronts would sometimes rub on the arch liners at full lock.

It will probably be a bit of trial and error to get something you are happy with and lets face it one set of settings on one Elan might not work on another as no two Elans appear to be the same :D

Once you get something that feels good a full geometry adjustment would be highly recommended.
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Re: SJ Sportscars Adjustable Suspension

Postby nigelpen » Tue 25.02.2020, 11:01

I have seen your post and I fitted some rear adjustable dampers from SJS in August 2009 part number SJ100D0001 to my SE Turbo and I was told they are Protech.
They were replacements for a leaky original one.
Although I played with the settings 1-12? the soft setting was a little bouncy and the harder setting rather uncomfortable, so if I remember correctly I stuck with the happy compromise of 6!
They are still fine although I do a very small mileage in the car.
Hope that helps.
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Re: SJ Sportscars Adjustable Suspension

Postby Graaf » Tue 25.02.2020, 17:55

Thanks for the responses.

I spoke with SMS and they suggested staying from 6 clicks front and back and going on from there.

I'm hoping to get it back on the road for Easter and will post comments as I progress.

Thanks again.
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Re: SJ Sportscars Adjustable Suspension

Postby Bern » Thu 27.02.2020, 22:13

I've got 9 on the front and 7 on the rear on my Protechs.
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