Rear Brake Discs

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Rear Brake Discs

Postby mattdovey » Sun 28.03.2021, 20:01

Does any body have a alternative part number for rear brake discs. Or does any one have a set they would like to sell. Had new brakes discs on back order with one of the normal suppliers since October and none of the other suppliers has stock either. The only other option is discs supplied by Lotus for £500 a pair!!! :shock:
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Re: Rear Brake Discs

Postby johanvanboven » Wed 07.04.2021, 20:04

Hi Matt, I have a set which has driven about 15000 miles untill I changed to separate hub/disc.
They are complete with bearings in it.
Maybe the only problem is, they are located in Belgium.
If you are interested, I can send some pictures.
Send me a PM.
BR, Johan
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Re: Rear Brake Discs

Postby lotusflasherman » Thu 08.04.2021, 00:47

I've got several spare pairs, all used, that are surplus to my requirements because mine run hubs with bigger diameter discs . They are in a lock-up a couple of miles from my house so I need to measure thickness - may take a few days to get round to it. Where in Hertfordshire are you? I might be going to Essendon on Sunday 18th .. could bring them down .

I'll just add they should start at 12.65mm and minimum is 10.9mm - it will save me looking it up again.

By the way ... minimum disc thickness is specified so that with that and minimum pad thickness the piston does not come so far out of the caliper that it wobbles on the seal. If your discs are near minimum, fit new pads and nothing catastrophic can happen if you go a tad below. Many decades ago I did fit new discs and new pads and even with the piston wound right back it was too tight and brakes were rubbing badly. Ended up putting the old inboard pads back in to give clearance and once the new outboard pads had worn a bit I could put the new inboard pads in. Seem to remember they were Mintex rear pads that were too generous with thickness.

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