Brake calipers

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Brake calipers

Postby kevin31157 » Sat 24.06.2017, 11:03

Hi everyone.
Back again with another topic :(
Looking to sort my brake calipers out. Had the car for 9 years and all been well up til last years mot. BRakes binding and had to be freed off to pass mot. Advised next mot may need new calipers or refurb. Mot due this August. Spose ive had a good run all those years without having to replace them.
Can anyone advise as to buying refurbs or opting for new and which type to get and where from
I have scoured the forum and looked at a few earlier topics on new calipers eg PNM apparently very good. THose comments were back in 2004 and 2014. Has anything changed since then ie newer or better performing ones?
Your advice of experiences would be greatly appreciated
Thanks chaps
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Re: Brake calipers

Postby Simon_P » Sat 24.06.2017, 12:10

From experience.

Front calipers bind because;
1. the piston seal sticks to the piston - Polish he surface of the piston to get dirt off
2. The sliders jam - replace the slider pins

Rear calipers bind because:
1. The slider housing corrodes jamming the slider pin
2. People use normal grease rather than silicone grease to lubricate the sliders this makes the rubber boot swell (and or the area corrodes) and the rubber jams the slider pin.
I also now believe that the slider not sliding properly prevents the handbrake from self adjusting.
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Re: Brake calipers

Postby John_W » Sat 24.06.2017, 21:43


I think that the current best option is to talk to PNM.

You're lucky that your originals have lasted so long without having to have had lots of freeing-up work . I got fed up years ago of regularly freeing off the sliders and/or pistons and went with the (no longer available) ESM/BrianMDB Wilwood setup. It's been brilliant. You've had a good innings, so maybe it's time to spend some money.

If you decide to go for the PNM rears also, just be aware that the spare wheel won't fit.

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Re: Brake calipers

Postby Rambo » Sun 25.06.2017, 08:24

I too am very surprised you have had to do no maintenance to your OEM brakes over the past 9 years :shock:

As John says, regular maintenance freeing off the sliders and/or pistons and you're usually OK.
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Re: Brake calipers

Postby kevin31157 » Mon 26.06.2017, 18:16

Ok, cheers guys. Car going in garage in next few days. Will probably go for new calipers now afterhaving such a good run of 9 years. Had discs replaced last year and brakes freed off for mot and if i remember rightly i had them freed off couple times before when pads replaced some time back. BUt considering i only do around 1000 miles a year sometimes less is probably why they have lasted so long.
Thanks again
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Re: Brake calipers

Postby rip » Tue 27.06.2017, 09:06

kevin31157 wrote:considering i only do around 1000 miles a year sometimes less is probably why they have lasted so long.

I find it more surprising that they have lasted after doing do few miles. Regular use should keep them running more freely.....usually.
1990 SE
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