remote boot release

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Re: remote boot release

Postby dapinky » Tue 20.06.2017, 11:18

I know I'm a bit late, but as I started this thread over 10 years ago I feel that I am allowed to comment.......

..... The whole project has developed over the years to the stage where I now have the boot release operated from the key fob, the switch inside which used to be for the boot release now works the hood cover release ( solenoid operating a cable, operating the catches), and the petrol flap system has been very simplified with a single solenoid pulling a cable from near the battery.

As far as cable clamps go, I found that as there is only a small force going through the system, there was very little chance of the cables pulling themselves open (once it was all adjusted correctly) and I simply used normal wire crimp connectors of whatever size was appropriate (either blue or yellow). I found that i had to run a drill bit through the 'straight through' connectors to remove the internal stop burr, then the bike cables will just slide through, loop over the catch, pass back through the crimp and then crush them in the usual way. Not had one fail yet - but not going to be as strong as Robs suggestion above (which is what I was intending to use until I decided that my 'temporary' system fitted for setting it all up seemed strong enough to remain in place.

Just the one now, but this one's mine! - and it will be finished eventually.....

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Re: remote boot release

Postby Saltire » Tue 20.06.2017, 21:54

Rob P wrote:
Don.Hasi wrote:
Rob P wrote:Well I have finally got around to completing this modification, thought I would share the pictures as I completed this slightly different to some of the other option seen on this thread.

I guess, you cut the wire and then reclamp it? Where did you get the clamp for the wire from, please?

Hi Don, Yes that was the case, I used something similar to this to clamp the wires, you just need to make sure the wire is tight when clamping to ensure the pull operation to open the boot is sufficient. ... SwxN5WZ0bO

I used bike gear cables like John, and clamped them with an old electrical chocolate block of suitable size - like this. Haven't had any problems with them loosening off as yet.

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