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Postby GeoffSmith » Mon 20.03.2017, 22:45

Brit-Car-Nut wrote:Amber's direct buy price is lower than their eBay price. Just call James. He will work with you.

Not at the minute he won't. :?

Brit-Car-Nut wrote:I believe the S2 used more individual hoses vs the SE that had a few "branch" hoses.

The only difference I can see between Amber's pictures are the aluminium piece in the middle:

Samco hoses.jpg

Having said that, the two recirculation pump to bottom radiator hoses that Pinky left me appear to be different to mine. And they're not the ones I was after as I need the recirculating pump to heater matrix valve/cylinder head one. Can anyone enlighten me (as it's not immediately obvious) how to make this ↓↓↓ from those ↑↑↑.

My hose.JPG

And has anyone got one of these ↑↑↑ until Amber or Merlin Motor Sport offer a discount.
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