Wilwood brake kit rotors

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Wilwood brake kit rotors

Postby jello » Wed 08.05.2013, 20:54

I have Brian's front brake upgrade kit. It has been on my car for 6 or 7 years, and I'm happy with the kit. It's time for me to replace rotors - one is a little warped. I have Wilwood 160-7105 & 160-7106 SRP cross drilled, slotted performance rotors on it now. I see wilwood also offers the Ultralight (most people probably used this, part #160-5844) and the GT36 curved vane slotted rotor ( 160-12294 &160-12293 (right and left)).

Anyone out there have extensive brake experience with these??

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Re: Wilwood brake kit rotors

Postby MacII » Mon 19.08.2013, 02:42

I've been running the Wilwood slotted with Poterfield (I think RS4) pads for 10k miles now, with Brian's kit. Took awhile to get used to the noise and feel, but they've worked fine for me. Still can't lock them up, but much better than OE and easier to modulate. Didn't see a need for the cross drilled. HTH
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