pnm up grade

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pnm up grade

Postby vinnie » Mon 30.06.2014, 15:25

Could anyone advice me a 2 week owner of a s2 1995 if PMN brake upgrade are ok
Want to upgrade braking to standard of my MR2 roadster
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Re: pnm up grade

Postby Rice crispy » Mon 30.06.2014, 22:17

I have the hispec standard front upgrade which I believe is what PNM now have badged as theirs and the PNM rears. The fronts improved things massively and the rears gave a further improvement by giving feeling and a better balance. A highly recommend upgrade in my book
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Re: pnm up grade

Postby novacaine » Mon 30.06.2014, 22:24


I recently upgraded my front brakes with the PNM (hispec) kit and would highly recommend them. My brakes now feel modern and actually stop the car! Plus PNM are very helpful and a joy to deal with.

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Re: pnm up grade

Postby daveiow » Mon 30.06.2014, 22:29

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Calypso Red 91se. Hispecs,PNM rear calipers,Samco's & BCN cables & SSK so far!(oh and a new hood and paint ....)
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Re: pnm up grade

Postby rip » Mon 30.06.2014, 23:59

I can't compare to an MR2 but I have PNM rears with Vectra V6 fronts. The Vectras are probably a little sharper than HiSpecs/PNMs.
I now have nice balance & controllability.
For the first time, I also have a reasonable amount of brake dust on the rears as well as the fronts. :lol:
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