Adaptor to Install Elise Steering Wheel

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Adaptor to Install Elise Steering Wheel

Postby Yoram » Tue 04.08.2015, 16:55

I am trying to locate the vendor that made the hubs/adaptors to install the Elsie steering wheel. Thanks!
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Re: Adaptor to Install Elise Steering Wheel

Postby Rice crispy » Tue 04.08.2015, 17:38

You can use the Elan hub but need to come up with a sleeve to cover the Elan hub. Alternatively have a search on here as someone found a hub that fits with a little modification
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Re: Adaptor to Install Elise Steering Wheel

Postby dapinky » Tue 04.08.2015, 20:04

From your email address, I assume you are on the 'wrong' side of the pond to do a simple swap like the UK ones, but there should be details somewhere as to the adapter(s) which work - hopefully, someone from USA will be along soon with the details (unfortunately, It's not something i've ever really paid much attention to).

Just the one now, but this one's mine! - and it will be finished eventually.....

go on - click this link - you know you want to!
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Re: Adaptor to Install Elise Steering Wheel

Postby lotusgirlmarie » Wed 05.08.2015, 01:04

Airbag or non airbag elise wheel?
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