Best cover for M100 S2?

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Best cover for M100 S2?

Postby Aidan » Thu 04.02.2016, 18:18

Hi all, wasn't sure *exactly* where to put this, so misc. seemed appropriate.

My mother has an Elan S2 which has recently had a new hood fitted, paint touched up & new seats fitted. It looks superb, so we bought a new cover for it to keep it nice and dry. Unfortunately, the cover we bought which was recommended to us by the people that did the work, doesn't fit properly! If either wing mirror 'hole' is filled, the other won't slip on and just flaps about in the breeze, even with 3 of us trying to get it just right it simply isn't happening.

What covers are you fine people here using? Must be an outdoor cover as we don't have a garage. This poorly-measured cover is a coverdale 'platinum outdoor' cover.

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Re: Best cover for M100 S2?

Postby Danevansgolf » Thu 04.02.2016, 20:10

Hi there. I have the indoor/ outdoor cover from the same website as yours.. I used to use it before I got into my garage, now it's in the car for emergencies.. I have no problems with this at all. Fits like a glove, with no problems fitting.. Silly question but have you got it the right way round! If your still experiencing problems I'd just send it back and ask for a replacement. Good luck.
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Re: Best cover for M100 S2?

Postby Dave Eds » Thu 04.02.2016, 21:20

I bought mine from TLF online shop. Excellent product.
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Re: Best cover for M100 S2?

Postby Kathryn » Fri 05.02.2016, 01:06

I use a Classic Additions half cover. Size XS fits the Elan perfectly. I've also got a 'Stormforce' full cover tailored for the Elan (although I've only used it twice as I drive mine all year round and in all weathers and it's never clean enough for the full cover!).
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Re: Best cover for M100 S2?

Postby Simon_P » Fri 05.02.2016, 01:25

At various times I have had a garage... or not.

I have:
A Genuine Lotus indoor cover - Looks great but I never use it
A genuine Lotus (I think) outdoor cover - A real faff so I never use it and it flaps in a blow.
A Shower Cape - Which is so well used that I need a new one.

There was a group buy eons ago for Shower Capes - I believe it was developed by someone from LEC. Or someone knew someone anyway.

It fits over the soft top and glass and keeps the rain off. But not the paintwork so no scratches or flapping. Quick and easy for one person to put on or take off. It is held down by the wipers at the front and a series of sucker cups the rest of the way around.
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Re: Best cover for M100 S2?

Postby Rambo » Fri 05.02.2016, 09:00

Simon - the shower cape to which you are referring was known as the "WillB shower cape"

Mine is still going strong after 10 years of whatever the Scottish weather can chuck at it :wink:

PS its also secured by elasticated straps and plastic quick fit clips round each wing mirror
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