New rubber needed - any good deals for 2 or 4 boots?

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New rubber needed - any good deals for 2 or 4 boots?

Postby Flaming June » Tue 08.05.2018, 13:04

At least 2 and possibly 4 new tyres are needed to complete this year's summer motoring in the Elan (1994 - s2 - 205/45 R16), so just thought I'd ask if anyone has picked up on a good deal recently and if so would they recommend the seller and service?

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Re: New rubber needed - any good deals for 2 or 4 boots?

Postby clemo » Wed 09.05.2018, 19:09

Hi there and welcome to LEC .. where are you based?

i do hope your "flaming June" is after the fantastic trance tune by BT?

To help bring some up to speed
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Re: New rubber needed - any good deals for 2 or 4 boots?

Postby Flaming June » Sat 12.05.2018, 09:02

Thanks Clemo, good to be here. Although I will come clean at the outset, and accept any consequences which may follow...

While I am a Lotus owner myself (S3 Elise in chrome orange - hence my user name (nothing to do with music I'm afraid), which is consistent with other forums I'm on), the S2 (palacio 009 - as pictured with John Miles (RIP) at the helm in Lotus The Legend book (I believe)) is my other half's. Except she's not a user of forums. Whereas I am, to an extent anyway.

We're based in NW Kent (or SE London depending on which way you look at it!). We may be down your way in fact in September as LDC are planning a driving event in the SW. Details awaited. We've just come back from Pembrokeshire actually, where there were 25 or so Lotus cars on display and driving around the county over the BH weekend. 009 was the only M100 though - but stood out as a result and received plenty of attention and complimentary remarks (Elise's are two-a-penny really aren't they!).

Going back to my original question, further research (on here) indicates the Toyo is a good tyre and generally sells at a reasonable price. So that's what we're looking to go for...

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Re: New rubber needed - any good deals for 2 or 4 boots?

Postby dapinky » Sat 12.05.2018, 10:23


I have 2 quick points to make (but as those who know me will tell you - I don't always make quick points quickly :D

(1) - Your Palacio wasn't exactly the only M100 last weekend - but it WAS the only one registered for the event with Chris..... (I took mine out for a local drive to try and find your convoy on Monday - as I couldn't commit to the whole weekend - but with the low mist blowing in from the sea in the afternoon we never caught up with you so went and ate ice cream at Tenby!!!!)

(2) Tyres - there are many threads on here about tyre choice, and much depends on what the car is used for. As I'm sure you already know, different compounds work in different ways, and depending on your requirements it is hard to say what will be best for you. This goe hand-in-hand with where to get them from really.

Those who do track days will want different tryres from those who drive to Tescos (other supermarkets are also available), or those who do a 50 mile commute to work. If we disregard the 'total track' tyres (Toyo 888R etc) which are on a few cars, but not many (and if used, are often on a spare set of rims just for the track), and also disregard the 'Budget ditch-finders' (which i would not use myself on a car made to be 'driven', but may fit to a shopping trolley Peugeot for my elderly neighbour etc), we reduce the choice.

Then there are those with large budgets, and those with smaller ones - who allow that to influence their choices. personally, if I only have a few square inches of rubber between me and the road, I want it to be the 'best' I can get (within reason), and will pay a little more for a good tyre. Some people want to just pop down to their local tyre place and have a new set fitted, so are often dictated by what they have in stock (or can get easily), whilst others do the research, order online and have them fitted locally. (I am in that boat, and suspect that you are too - hence this posted question).

Many people swear by a particular brand, many more are 'floating'.

I think I can say that the 'best' tyres out there (for an Elan) are made by Michellin - but at a price - which in itself isn't an issue, and if you do high milages at high(ish) speeds, are probably the best choice. For those who use their car less, then the tyre will be 'old' and past it's best before the tread gets worn, so it may not be the first choice as you could be throwing away lots of tread, or using the tyre past it's point where it still delivers stability.

Personally, I love Yokohamas, and (even though I now have to pay retail price for them, having lost my contact at the company), will still buy them for my own cars. They cost a few quid more than Toyos, and won't last for as many miles, but stick to the road very well (they are a 'fast road/track' compound). They will still do enough years of use for me to get value out of them, and always inspire confidence.

The same is true for the Toyo R1-R compound, which is very similar, but doesn't 'fit' with my personal affinity to Yokohamas!!!!

If I were purely a 'road' driver, then I would still use Yokes, but maybe a different compound - whilst others will go for Toyo T1-R, Kuhmo, etc

Not many people would fit 'Linglong' etc, but maybe a trader might to sell a car on.... can't say really.

Anyway, I always start at Blackcirclesor Camskill and see what they have - at the moment, I see that Camskill have the Michelin PS3 for less than the Yokahama 008R in the S2 size, so I'd probably be looking at those.......

Also, Demon Tweeks often have a good deal on 2 or 4 tyres (but don't offer such a hugh range).

I also see that Blackcircles are currently offering Rotalla RU1's for about £40 a corner :shock: - nowhere near a performance tyre, but probably the best 'budget' tyres i have ever used (daily 'Summer' use on my T5 van - on 19" rims) - but I wouldn't have them as my first choice for the Elan (unless cost was the primary parameter).

Anyway, that's my 'short' version :lol: :lol:

I'm sure that others will be along to say that they would buy Bridgestone, Avon, pirelli, Firestone, Continental - and for their own use, they may well be the best choice - so, now you are probably no better off than before you started.

Oh, and once you decide what you want to fit, try looking for them on Ebay etc - sometimes Demon Tweeks and others do the same tyre bundles as in their website, but with free delivery, or a few quid cheaper.

Just the one now, but this one's mine! - and it will be finished eventually.....

go on - click this link - you know you want to!
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Re: New rubber needed - any good deals for 2 or 4 boots?

Postby Kathryn » Sat 12.05.2018, 15:10

This one!?

I already wanted an M100, but that picture convinced me it had to be purple! This was 20 odd years ago! I was delighted to meet you two and the car at Beaulieu last year! :D

Sorry to go off-topic! I’m not a tyre expert! Glad Dave recommends Michelins though because that’s what I’ve got. As a daily driver used in all conditions I wanted a good all-round tyre, and they are great in the wet. Shame they’re not available in the PS4 though (at least they weren’t when I bought two a couple of months ago).
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Re: New rubber needed - any good deals for 2 or 4 boots?

Postby Artaban » Sat 12.05.2018, 16:49

I usually try:
I've found them to be the cheapest so far for the better quality tyres. However if you are considering getting the wheels refurbished at any point I found these people to be excellent and they got the Toyo tyres in cheaper than anywhere I could find and fitted them free.
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Re: New rubber needed - any good deals for 2 or 4 boots?

Postby Simon_P » Sun 13.05.2018, 16:24

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Re: New rubber needed - any good deals for 2 or 4 boots?

Postby dolmerob » Fri 01.06.2018, 03:12

My Elan currently has Toyo T1-R's. These tyres are exceptional in the dry. Wet grip is quite good also. Overall, these Toyo tires are ok though I wouldn't recommend them for fast spirited driving.
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Re: New rubber needed - any good deals for 2 or 4 boots?

Postby rip » Fri 01.06.2018, 11:54

I have T1-Rs too, but will be looking for something different next time.
The T1-R has been around for a few years now, so is there something better out there now? I think there probably is.

Mine are 4 years old now & have done about 10,000 miles.
I think I will replace them before they run out of tread because I can feel that they don't have the same level of grip as they did when new. I don't have the most sensitive bum or hands either.
I would rather have a tyre that wears a little better with age, even if they may wear a little more quickly.

After having been driven around some twisty West Yorkshire country roads by a friend in his M100 on Yokohama's, then seeing Dave's posting above, I think I may give these a try.
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Re: New rubber needed - any good deals for 2 or 4 boots?

Postby Flaming June » Tue 05.06.2018, 17:27


Thanks muchly for all the advice and in the end I went for Avon ZV7s. 2 reasons - first 009 is used for enjoyable to occasionally-moderately- spirited road driving (nothing more) and this tyre gets good reviews (along with Toyo, of course). So I feel the Avon should be fine (and much improved over the old rubber that's been on the Elan since it was bought last summer) and its within budget. And secondly because Black Circles are (or were) offering £10 off a set of 4 (or a fiver off 2 tyres I think). Not much but better than a poke with something, and their price was very fair in the first place.

Additionally, the wheels have been refurbed by Lepsons. And new wheel badge stickers have been acquired from Demon Graphics.

I've not seen the whole end result yet but I'm told all 4 corners are now looking sharp again. I hope the owner agrees, particularly as the refurb has been done under her nose (as it were) as a surprise.

Kathryn - yes of course we remember you from Beaulieu last year! It was lovely to meet you and I recall yours was the first, other palacio M100 we ever saw. And yes that's 009 pictured in the book, being driven by the late, great Mr Miles.

We have plans to be at Beaulieu again this year if anyone from here is going?

And I'll be at the Silverstone Classic with LDC.

Cheers again all for the considered wisdom.

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