S2 wheel valve type.

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Re: S2 wheel valve type.

Postby exeterjeep » Tue 16.08.2022, 13:31

Just had my S2 wheels refurbished. Thought I’d share the results of choosing new valves.

Bought 1 new genuine Lotus valve, only has 1 rubber seal,(Kelvden)
Bought a set of 4 Richbrook 8mm ones and they had just 1 rubber seal. As per a pic on an earlier post.

The tyre place did not want to use them as it would have left a metal washer in contact with the rim.

They recommended these…
“BBS Stainless Tyre Valves OZ 8mm New BBS 35mm Tall RS RM RF Motorsport” on ebay Which are the ones now fitted. They have 2 seals on each.

In the meantime found another new Lotus valve in the odd bits I got with the car – it has 2 rubber seals.

So I have been buying a few other cheap 8mm valves to get suitable rubber seals to add the extra seal to the Richbrook valves. Ie these “OZ Stainless Tyre Valve 8mm Dumpy Tiny Short New RS RM RF LM”

A pic to show the selection of valves I am left with.

Top left - the new Lotus valve with a rubber seal from the cheap valve.
Second down on left - new Lotus one with both rubber seals.
Third down on left old genuine valve off the car, just needs the new rubber parts and a core.
Top right Richbrook valve as delivered
Second down on right Richbrook valve with a round profile rubber seal added.
Third down on right one of the cheap 8mm valves from which I can take off the rubber seals.

Just need to fit the wheels back on the car.
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Re: S2 wheel valve type.

Postby Tuga2112 » Tue 16.08.2022, 14:09

i remember years ago when i changed the tires on mine i had some metal valves that i asked the fitter to use,

they refused to fit them saying at best they rust in place and are a paint to remove later, at worst i would be back there moaning about the fitting because they wouldn't seal and i get a flat tire by the next morning.

So, they have the rubber fitted ones which (after probably 5 years now?) are still sealing the air in just fine without any problems
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