Kumho tyres - anyone used them?

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Kumho tyres - anyone used them?

Postby chris.t » Wed 20.05.2009, 08:18

These have had good reports from the Elise/VX boys


Anyone got any feedback or shall I be the guinea pig. Interested in how they perform on the track too.
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Re: Kumho tyres - anyone used them?

Postby max and andy » Wed 20.05.2009, 09:26

We have these fitted to the back only. We'Ve got Uniroyal on the fronts. They seem to of been fine up until now. They can be a bit loud on certain road surfaces. But that could be the Uniroyals. When we first got the car we did find we where stopping and checking for a flat a lot. Some types of surface makes you feel as if you have one. Its quite hard to say how good they are with not being able to compare the car. As we have not tried any other Elan or tyres. We both think the car sticks great. Are the Uniroyal any good? I need the fifth BBS re shoeing and wasn't sure which way to go the Kumho's or Uniroyal? A&M
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Re: Kumho tyres - anyone used them?

Postby Marcus_uk » Wed 20.05.2009, 12:50

I haven had experience with this particular model but I fitted a full set of Kumho ECSTA MX KU15 to my other car (a Jag XJR), they were replacing the Pirelli P-zeros which would have been double the price to replace (17inch . 255/45. I must say I was very impressed, very grippy and progressive on the limit when compared to the Pirellis (but bear in mind im comparing worn tyres with new ones. I've used them all year round, even in snow and they seem fine. They also seem to be lasting a long time as well (especially as they are soft compond). I wouldnt hesitate in using them on the elan once the time comes to replace them.
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Re: Kumho tyres - anyone used them?

Postby Monty » Wed 20.05.2009, 14:15


Why not try the HANKOOK RS2, there classed as a trackday tyre. They won`t be as good as the 888 etc but should be better than the standard road tyre for track work. I`ve got 2 already on but Camskill have sold out at the moment in that size, Martin (Texas has just bought a set in 215/45/16 for his new wheels and IIRC he`ll be at Combe.

Out off stock 205/45/16
http://www.camskill.co.uk/products.php? ... 0s690p4061

In stock 215/45/16
http://www.camskill.co.uk/products.php? ... 2b0s2447p0
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Re: Kumho tyres - anyone used them?

Postby tweetdriver63 » Wed 20.05.2009, 23:27

My best friend is a big autocrosser, and he listed the Kuhmo Ecsta XS (their new tire) among the four he recommended to me based on dry grip, decent wet grip, wear, price, ride.

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