New Tyres on S2 - what tyre pressures?

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Re: New Tyres on S2 - what tyre pressures?

Postby kmckmc » Sat 12.05.2012, 09:39

I Have AD-07 Yokohama on. I think they are fantastic. This morning, I tried 29.5psi Cold pressure. Previously they were 32psi, which I found to be bumpy. After 45min of highway/mountain path driving, tire pressure rose about 3psi to 32.5psi.

I would stick to 29psi cold pressure for street/hwy condition, even for these Yokohama AD-07 tires.

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Re: New Tyres on S2 - what tyre pressures?

Postby Kathryn » Sun 22.02.2015, 15:00

Haha! Found this thread whilst researching new tyres. I can confirm that one of the Nankangs is no more!

Paul must have swapped them to the front which is where they are now (well one is right now + the spacesaver), hit a pothole yesterday and not that hard either. Been meaning to replace them and the quite old rears since I got the car - 4 new Michelins I think!
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