How wide?

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How wide?

Postby Esprit10 » Sun 13.07.2014, 19:26

How wide of a tire can you put in the rear without doing any modifications? Thx
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Re: How wide?

Postby Enright » Wed 16.07.2014, 16:25

If it's not broke, don't fix it!
In other words, stick with standard - you won't do any better.
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Neil ;-)
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Re: How wide?

Postby tigerdog » Sat 16.08.2014, 16:35

You can go from a 205/45-16 to 215/45-16 without rubbing; this size is fairly popular for autocrossing certain Hondas, so there is a good variety of inexpensive performance-oriented tires available in the US. I don't drive much in rain, so I use Kumho Ecsta XS. They have more grip than I'm willing or able to use, even with Smaug's modified powertrain. Going wider probably won't help and might even hurt handling.
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