Wheel bolts for steel spare.

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Wheel bolts for steel spare.

Postby lotusflasherman » Fri 07.11.2014, 23:43

I have owned 3 SE Elans since 1994 and my latest, which is probably the last registered SE (pre-delivery inspection by Lotus Cars Service Dept before purchase by Elf Oil Co. on 17/12/93, and registered with DVLA 22nd December 1993), has a set of wheel bolts in a pocket in the jack storage moulding in a bag with label that says '"These bolts MUST be used to fit the steel spare wheel" but the Owner's Handbook for the car is the same as the other two and Para 6 on Page 44 still says "Mount the spare wheel onto the hub and fit the original wheel bolts turning clockwise." The 'spare wheel bolts' have a 90 degree curved face while the original alloy wheel bolt have a 60 degree straight cone.


Fortunately I haven't had a flat in 180,00 miles of Elan motoring so have never fitted the 'bicycle tyre' - famous last words? These '50 mph get you home spares' are a stupid idea for long journeys anyway so in '94 I bought a couple of used OZ alloys with tyres so for trips to the south of France I bung one in the well and suffer a slight bump in the boot floor so I won't get stranded midway through France restricted to 50MPh on the spare while I hunt for a replacement tyre at an exorbitant price. (Sod's Law says a puncture at speed will result in damaged sidewalls by the time it's come to rest).

Just wondering what other late SE's and S2 were supplied with and why the change from what was printed in the Owner's Manual.
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Re: Wheel bolts for steel spare.

Postby Tuga2112 » Mon 08.12.2014, 13:53

Have you considered the possibility that your spare wheel is not an elan one and therefore the bolts need to be different ?

my SE (91) did not came with any extra bolts for the spare wheel, hope that's of some help.
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