Rear view mirror

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Rear view mirror

Postby Specky » Tue 24.08.2010, 21:31

Just found this, don't ask how. ... vi-content

So do you think it's a hit?

If it is, I'll fill in somemore details.

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Re: Rear view mirror

Postby saska » Wed 25.08.2010, 08:17

Specky wrote:So do you think it's a hit?

Yes -- good find. Screen grabbed one of the photos from the Ebay ad., blew it up and enhanced it
It appears to show by line:
Donnelly R1 1987
US Patent No.
4646210 4733336

This is a photo of the same stamp from my S2 which has the same patent nos plus 2 more

The S2 also has this stamp which looks like partly regulatory compliance (E1)

From brief goggling I'd guess that the 0110098 in the above is the Donnelly (Magna / Donnelly) part number.
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Re: Rear view mirror

Postby Jackonicko » Wed 25.08.2010, 09:21

Looks good!

Re: Rear view mirror

Postby GeoffSmith » Sat 13.06.2020, 22:06

Calypso Red S2 #417

USB ElanScan interfaces - £60 incl. UK P&P & £65 incl. ROW P&P
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Re: Rear view mirror

Postby Brit-Car-Nut » Sat 13.06.2020, 22:24

I am confused. Were you looking for the power and communication feed for the on-star mirror?
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Re: Rear view mirror

Postby donsladek » Sun 14.06.2020, 00:02

Don Sladek
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Re: Rear view mirror

Postby david924s » Mon 15.06.2020, 07:27


I have had this in my watch list for months, says new (old stock) and glass tarnished but maybe the glass could be replaced if anyone wants to try, I already have a normal mirror in mine and not bothered about having the lights included but may be useful to someone. ... 1438.l2649
Ebay page and screen shot from item description
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