Ball Joint rubber Boot

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Ball Joint rubber Boot

Postby Monty » Fri 16.06.2006, 15:31

Been searching for these as these get ripped when splitting the balljoints when doing the suspension. So hope this is to some help to others.

Got the boots off ebay and believe it or not these are for a tractor :lol:
(make sure u order the right size)

Just incase the links go dead i`ll put some details.

You are purchasing a set of four new track rod end boots for Ferguson TE 20s, FE 35s, Massey Ferguson 35, 35X, 135, Fordson Dextas and numerous other small tractors.
The size of the small end opening is 13 mm,
the large end 32mm
and the height 25 mm.

I`ve just tested one on a spare top ball joint and fit perfect.
These should fit:-
Top Ball joint,
Lower Ball joint
Track Rod End

Boot is different on Rear ball joint to anti rollbar but i still managed to get it to fit, idealy need one with a 28mm instead of the 32mm.

I missed out on these ones but they should fit too (he also does a smaller size)
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Postby DeeAitch » Fri 16.06.2006, 20:44

Just what I need Monty - great find! Stuffed mine when fitting the gearbox so hope they fit :lol:
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Re: Ball Joint rubber Boot

Postby tigerdog » Sun 03.07.2022, 18:08

Old links are dead. Search on ebay with term "Track Rod End Rubber Boot for Massey Ferguson TE20 TEA" seems to link to the same item.
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