Headlight Actuator Module A100M6027F

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Headlight Actuator Module A100M6027F

Postby Specky » Sat 10.07.2010, 12:46

I was looking at This thread and thought it didn't really answer the question, so I thought I do a bit of research.

I pulled the Lotus Headlight Actuator Module (A100M6027F) off the 89' Elan and found this GM No on the back 16509097

So a quick LEC search showed up nothing, but then an internet search showed up two things This and This

Oct 16, 1999 - 18:20 - From: Dan
Title: Headlamp Pod Control Module
Message: I've done some research and talked to a few GM Parts guys who helped cross-reference the now-defunct part #16509097(from sticker on my bad control module); one guy told me all Firebirds and Fiero's use the same module; another x-ref'd the number to the current active part#16525685 and concurred that they all used the same thing. Lotus wanted $186 for this module, Pontiac $140-173 depending on part. I went to the local junkyard...oops I mean "auto recycler"...and paid $10 for one from a '94 Firebird that lost a one-punch battle with a phone pole. It had part #16521278 on the outside sticker. as the outside case was pretty crappy, I popped it open and re-used my Lotus case; the circuit board was quite different(less components, only 1 IC chip and what appeared to be the same relay). I also got the e-mail address thru my Lotus Ltd contacts of an engineer at GM Detroit who worked on the M100 project....I will contact him and ask that he check out this site and contribute any insights he may have. By the way....problem solved! the Pontiac part works just fine...if I have any subsequent problems related to this I will post them here. How about that "Parts Cross-Reference " page Doug? Please feel free to add this info

Oct 18, 1999 - 13:23 - From: charlie
Title: on a roll. headlamp pod.
Message: the headlamp pod just seems to be a delay module to stop the user oscillating the headlamp motors too much, I know there was a design change that stopped some sort of dazzle when the lamps were popping up in earlier models that's possibly why the circuit is different. the relays control the lift motors it seems. I doubt they contain any esoteric parts. Like I said before I'd really like to take apart the busted one you have Dan. email me about it if you've still got it and don't mind giving it up.

Oct 18, 1999 - 15:30 - From: Dan
Title: Headlamp control module
Message: Charlie -- shoot me you address in an e-mail to "L23S10@AOL.COM" and I'll send you the busted part(if I can get it away from my 6 yr-old's Star Wars play area -- he thinks it's cool! Maybe he's got a future....I've had 2 people tell me he's a dead ringer for Anniken -- M100 Pod Racer?) Lotus part has a bunch more resistors/capacitors and 2 IC chips on it...the '94 Pontiac part was considerably simpler. I believe the circuits are designed to swap hot & ground to the headlamp motors and sense when they've reached full throw, then shut off. I'm not sure how much repair effort is warranted if you can grab one from the bone yard for $10, but I'd be interested in your findings. Dan

bobbrown wrote:If thats the case I think these are the same as ours http://www.top-downsolutions.com/index. ... 9616c7942c and at sub £40.00 not too bad but not sure about shipping to the UK.
or it could be dirty contacts

So by piecing all the bitz together....

I guess this is first choice...

GM 16525685

Headlight Control Module

Fits the following vehicles:

Buick: Reatta (1990-1992)

Olds: Toronado/Trofeo (1990-1992)

Pontiac: Firebird (1990-2002),

Sunbird (1990-1994)

And this could be another...

GM 16505400

Headlight Control Module

Fits the following vehicles:

Buick: Reatta (1988-1989)

Pontiac: Fiero (1987-88), Firebird (1987-89), Sunbird (1988-89)


Headlight Control Module: The headlight control module is the same one in the Pontiac Firebird/Trans Am. It was rumored that this module was also in the Fiero/Sunbird. The module looks exactly the same in the Fiero/Sunbird. Upon opening up examples from both the Fiero/Sunbird, the pin-out is the same but the electronic connections are incompatible. It was not until I had my hands on a '92 Firebird module that the headlights worked. Dan had also used one from a '93 Firebird. Also, in investigating this problem, I visited the Firebird usenet groups. This module is prone to burn-out. (replacement cost new - $200) So, while Dan and I are the first, I do not believe we will be the only ones. Be warned!! The module is 5"x5", black and has one 4 wire plug on the left and a 5 wire plug on the right. Also, the module has the word "GUIDE" written on its top. On the Elan, while looking at the engine bay, the module sits on the left hand side of the firewall. On the Firebird, the module sits either next to the master cylinder or near the left headlight. --Scott

On the '93 Trans Am Firebird I grabbed mine from, the module was below and behind the LH Headlight pod -- you have to look close to spot it. --Dan

So Hopefully everything has been pieced together.

and to finish off here are a couple of photographs to show the Lotus item.



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Re: Headlight Actuator Module

Postby GeoffSmith » Sat 10.07.2010, 13:45

You just had to ask - I've got a burned out one that I was looking at in the loft! :D

I did put an old link in the Wiki as the 'common replacement parts' link pointed to some old LEC links but they're not there any more! :?
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Re: Headlight Actuator Module

Postby Specky » Sat 10.07.2010, 15:28

If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire... The N/A-Team.
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Re: Headlight Actuator Module A100M6027F

Postby andy b » Sat 03.11.2012, 22:33

I got mine repaired £10 for parts and £35 labour worth sending your old one to me and i will give it to my mate to repair i can try it on my elan before sending back to you if it works. andy b PM Me if you need help
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