Door and Boot/Trunk Cylinders

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Door and Boot/Trunk Cylinders

Postby Elanlover » Sat 15.07.2017, 16:33

I believe this topic has come up before but I can't recall if an actual cross reference was done. The S2 versions are different than the SE versions. The SE (unfortunately) uses 3 keys - doors/boot, ignition and glove box while the S2 smartly cuts it down to 2 with one key for the doors and ignition. Since I've got the doors apart I'm thinking of ordering up some S2 door and boot/truck cylinders and having them keyed to match the ignition lock and cut down on one key.

Anyone know the Vauxhall equivalent fro the S2 locks that we can list here? Not sure about the Se versions (GM of some sort).
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Re: Door and Boot/Trunk Cylinders

Postby Pegsyno1 » Sat 15.07.2017, 18:54

I don't, but I'd be really interested to know what would fit.

I recently bought a barrel from a MK1 Nova that I was told would fit. The bezel is right, but the lever that fits onto the back of the lock is wrong and prevents me from getting it throught the hole. Besides which the slots for the locator spring/bracket (that u-shaped looking piece of metal?) would mean that the key slot was horizontal rather than vertical.
So, cutting it short, it's not a Nova Mk1 lock! (And if anybody happens to want one, give me a shout!)

I'm not sure what lock it is, but if we found the correct lock we'd need to be sure that we also have the correct lever to operate the latch. I'm not sure if this comes as a complete unit?

I've been speaking to really helpful locksmith in Chester who's pretty confident he can re-key the lock to an existing key.

Sorry I can't be more help.
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