Vauxhall Senator/Carlton dashboard switch part numbers

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Vauxhall Senator/Carlton dashboard switch part numbers

Postby donsladek » Tue 04.07.2006, 20:12


I bought a Vauxhall Senator heater switch panel on E-bay, and the switches that fit the Elan have the following GM part numbers:

Dual seat heater switch (2 yellow indicator lights)- 90213296
Heated rear window switch (1 yellow indicator light)- 90213287
Fog lamp switch (1 green indicator light) - 90213289
Rear fog lamp switch (1 yellow indicator light) - 90213292
Hazard warning switch - no GM numbers on the switch :?

Please note that the switch "paddles" are a bit shorter than ours, and that the symbols are in white rather than red.

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Postby Dimitris_GR » Wed 13.09.2006, 10:20

That's because they are not the same. That also happens with the window switches.
So, they must come from another Opev/Vauxhall model and have the same length and color with ours.
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Re: Vauxhall Senator/Carlton dashboard switch part numbers

Postby GeoffSmith » Tue 30.09.2014, 20:22

More details on the Wiki.
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