Clutch replacement / who has used what ?

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Re: Clutch replacement / who has used what ?

Postby par » Wed 11.07.2018, 23:44

Tuga2112 wrote:
par wrote:Looks like my clutch is on its way out and will need to be replaced, not bad going as it seems to be the original clutch with the car on 170K.

Anyone know what make of clutch the one listed on SJ Sports will likely be, any of the brands listed above?

If the Sachs type is the correct one listed on RockAuto once you factor in shipping & time it doesn't offer a significant saving over the SJ price, however if there is a quality advantage it may be worth ordering from RA.

when i needed to do one. i was refered to rockauto getting an impulse clutch. (bigger size) mine its a satch i think it cost me on the 120-140s kind of range. but i bought 2 of them with timing belt kits as well for the sake of getting all posted together.

i will try to remmeber to check the details when i get home later

Thanks ended up ordering the Sachs type from RockAuto as the consensus seems to be this is the correct size. The picture of the clutch kit on the SJ site only has 4 springs on the friction plate which sowed some seeds of doubt but I expect it would have been fine.
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