car does not move, trans? CVs? help needed

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car does not move, trans? CVs? help needed

Postby GaryVM100 » Wed 24.07.2019, 23:06

My car will not move. The front wheels will not roll. There were some noise from the front. The clutch works, and the car goes into the gears. The motor is great....but I can't even push the car forward or reverse. I had a leak in my right front CV boot, made a slit in it and added some CV grease. Started it and pulled out of the garage and it all locked up on me. Any thoughts as to where to look for what would lock up the front wheels?
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Re: car does not move, trans? CVs? help needed

Postby alan e » Wed 24.07.2019, 23:11

Jack the car up off the ground take the car out of gear can you turn both wheels by hand.
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Re: car does not move, trans? CVs? help needed

Postby Brit-Car-Nut » Wed 24.07.2019, 23:47

Allan suggests the first test... When you jack it up, make sure both wheels are off the ground and try to rotate the wheels.
Make sure it is in neutral when you do it. Still locked? Look at this saga from John_W: Gearbox problems
It is possible the gearbox is locked in two gears at the same time. If it is, though the engine should stall when releasing the clutch.

I am assuming you don't have a limited slip diff installed.
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Re: car does not move, trans? CVs? help needed

Postby ElanBRG » Thu 25.07.2019, 14:33

Wouldn’t be unheard of for a 30 yr old car to have a brake hose that collapsed internally and locked the brakes. You can open the bleed nipples to release the pressure on the brakes, if that’s the problem.
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