Gearbox oil change

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Gearbox oil change

Postby mfealy » Sat 17.08.2019, 17:28

I was doing a gearbox oil change and removed the speedo cable and drained the oil and refilled the oil when I bolted back the retaining washer for the speedo cable and stud sheared off. Any advice would be helpful I guess I will need to remove the gearbox to get access at the broken stud?
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Re: Gearbox oil change

Postby muley » Thu 22.08.2019, 14:00

I inherited a car where this had already happened. I rigged up a strip of steel to push down on the flange, other end bolted to a gearbox bolt nearby. It worked for a few years.

To anyone else doing this job, please note the torque is supposed to be something like 4.5ft lbs i.e. almost nothing on the set screw.
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