Easy fit outer CV boots

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Easy fit outer CV boots

Postby valimar » Wed 08.10.2014, 11:34

Hello All,
I just finish changing both outer CV boots and would like to share my experience. On the left side I choose a thermoplastic one (Hytrel) because I had to change the wheel bearing and on the right side I went for an easy fitting system from an Italian company called Hippo Red. Thermoplastics are indeed very much reliable than rubber but don’t have almost any elasticity! I took almost a day to fit it. About the easy fit one From Hippo Red it took me no more than 20 minutes and could do it in situ. I am very satisfied about this revolutionary system however I cannot yet say anything about the quality of the product. The price is high: about €44 for 1 piece, including sending from Italy. If you are interested just take look at this YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iLrGNU_t83Y
Cheers, Rodrigo
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Re: Easy fit outer CV boots

Postby Ian T » Tue 14.10.2014, 00:39

Interssting, thanks for sharing the video. :)

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Re: Easy fit outer CV boots

Postby alan e » Sun 01.03.2015, 11:37

I have just paid for one on amazon less then £10, has anyone fitted one lately and do they last ?
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Re: Easy fit outer CV boots

Postby Andy_J » Sun 01.03.2015, 13:52

Fitted one 2 years ago on my K-plate Elan, Was easy to fit and got it through the MOT that year, didn't last 12 months though, split along the glued seam. Could be I got dirt or grease in the seam when gluing it up. Replaced it with one of the stretch boots, but they require more work to fit
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Re: Easy fit outer CV boots

Postby Fetnas » Fri 13.03.2015, 01:22

I have one of those stick boots on an inner CV which has lasted well. I mucked up my first attempt of installing one of these due to the grease in that area from the original boot that has been nibbled by a rodent. I tried again with a second boot, the trick I used to keep everything clean was to wrap the drive shaft, and any thing else that could contaminate the boot, in cling film. I also wore nitrile gloves so these was no risk of contaminating the glue joint. I then glued the joint progressively and held each section for a good 30 seconds before moving on.

This seemed to do the job, keep it clean and it should do the trick! That said, I will probably swap it out for a solid boot in the future, but for now, I'm happy.
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