Clutch Adjustment

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Clutch Adjustment

Postby j2yy391 » Wed 15.04.2015, 17:17

The clutch on my Elan has a high 'grab' engagement, ie, my left foot has to come up at least 50% before the clutch starts to engage.
There is no slippage, but it does make for rather untidy (slow) gear changes. Is there a simple way of adjusting the grab point or is it the prelude to a clutch plate/cable change?
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Re: Clutch Adjustment

Postby dapinky » Wed 15.04.2015, 17:22

If the clutch isn't slipping at all, then the cable can be adjusted very easily.

There is just a nut on the end of the cable (gearbox end) which can be turned to lengthen or shorten the cable, and thus adjust thge pedal position....

I can't remember what size it is (14mm?) - but mine turned by hand once you take the pressure off the cable - easiest way is to use an assistant in the car to depress the pedal whilst you stand in front of the car. Looking down between the radiator and gearbox (near the air filter dustbin) you will see the cable pull the actuating arm.

Simply hold the arm in the 'dissengaged' possition with a suitable bit of wood jammed in somewhere, release the clutch pedal, and there will be enough slack in the cable to wind the nut in or out as you wish.

Just the one now, but this one's mine! - and it will be finished eventually.....

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Re: Clutch Adjustment

Postby lotusflasherman » Wed 15.04.2015, 22:01

Agree with Dave on how to adjust it but I'm confused by your original post...

if you want quick gearchanges surely you want a high bite-point so you just 'dab' the clutch pedal to change gear, rather than push it into the floor and up again which takes time. Are you trying to move it further to the floor or away from the floor? Out of interest how many miles has your car done - do you know if is it on the original plate?

If you adjust the cable to eliminate all the slack too enthusiastically you run the risk of the thrust bearing constantly rotating, I think it's just a dry ball bearing race that won't enjoy that, or of also pre-loading the clutch so you'll likely suffer premature clutch slip - which in this case can be cured by cable re-adjustment.

If a clutch plate wears thin the bite-point moves higher and higher and then just breathing on the pedal causes slip ... and then it will slip on just a bit too much throttle and you need to change it or you won't get up any hills.


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Re: Clutch Adjustment

Postby muley » Thu 16.04.2015, 09:19

Don't forget that per the manual (section QD) you should have some slack (3mm.) on the cable otherwise you stand the risk of having the clutch bearing operating without your foot on the pedal - which is a bad thing.

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Re: Clutch Adjustment

Postby j2yy391 » Thu 23.04.2015, 13:58

Thanks Jim, Phil, Dave

Have made the adjustments as advised. Think my problem is that my everyday car - VW Golf- has a low instant grab so as I only use the Elan on high days and dry days it always seems wrong!

The mileage is 89,000 and looking through all the service documents it looks like the original plate.

nstalling a new cable looks like it would be a nightmare. How do you get to the pedal end to extract and re-install?

There again it is a Lotus Elan so everything is a nightmare to work on - joy!!

Thanks again
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