Pacific blue S2 #253 (SOLD)

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Pacific blue S2 #253 (SOLD)

Postby Paul Hague » Tue 20.02.2018, 21:46


Lotus Elan S2 #253, Pacific blue with blue hood, 1994 M-reg, 49,000 miles

Having owned my Elan for 7 ½ years and driven less than 5,500 miles, the car deserves more use than I’m giving it. Very good mechanical and cosmetic condition, it’s ready for Spring (and Castle Combe).

Currently 49,000 miles with MOT to 27-Jun-2018. Pacific blue S2 with blue hood, and half-leather seats. Very original spec – even down to the original supplying dealer’s stickers on the tax disc holder / rear screen / number plates. The tool kit is complete, and very shiny :-) .

Previous 3 owners up to Sep-2010 drove the first 43,700, mainly using Lotus franchised dealers for maintenance. In the last 7 ½ years I have added under 5,500, with three services at Steve Williams Lotus. The last service, in Jun-2016 at 48,337 miles, included cambelt, and alternator and PAS belts. Other replacements in my time have included stainless 2.5” Piper exhaust system (including sports cat), new Cobra alarm / immobilizer, two new dipped and two new main beam units, radiator fan, Hall Effect sensor, and new front Michelin Pilot Sports at 46,800.

There is a small selection of new spares: pair of new A-pillar seals, front rubber ‘lip’, boot seal, radiator fan, orange clips and butterflies.


Good points
Very original, very good condition cosmetically and mechanically
Full history
No outstanding work needed so far as I’m aware

Not so perfect points (all shown in photographs)
Wear-point on hood just beginning to show on one side, but caught some years ago and reinforced inside to prevent further wear.
Small number of bumper or bonnets chips, mostly touched-in
Parking scuffs on alloys, but no serious damage
Minor parking scuff on N/S door, due to someone else, could well polish out but I haven't got round to it

Service history
Date Miles Service
28/06/2016 48,337 Annual service, oil&filter, cambelt, alternator and PAS belts, clean and waxoil suspension, free off NSR caliper Steve Williams Lotus
01/05/2016 Headlamp motors rebuilt with new drive bushes
08/05/2014 46,941 'B' service, oil&filter, brake fluid Steve Williams Lotus
14/04/2014 46,800 Front tyres
25/11/2011 45,449 Replace Hall Effect Sensor Steve Williams Lotus
05/08/2011 Cobra 4138 alarm/immobiliser system fitted
30/04/2011 Replacement dipped- and main-beam headlamp units
31/03/2011 Piper 2.25" stainless exhaust with sports-cat
31/10/2011 Replacement radiator fan
12/10/2010 43,904 Full service, cambelt & auxiliary belts, fuel filter, oil&filter, brake fluid, coolant, replace thermostat Steve Williams Lotus
15/09/2010 Change of owner
28/06/2010 43,648 Rear brakes cleaned and reassembled
19/09/2007 43,038 HT leads & spark plugs, oil & filter, free off waste-gate Williams Automobiles Lotus
22/05/2007 42,817 Oil&filter
10/06/2005 42,352 Interim service, oil&filter, air filter, spark plugs, battery
27/04/2004 42,119 Basic service, oil&filter Malmesbury Specialist Cars
09/05/2003 Change of owner
25/04/2003 41,346 Spark plugs, coil pack Williams Automobiles Lotus
10/04/2003 41,119 'A' service, oil&filter, coolant Williams Automobiles Lotus
25/04/2002 37,066 'A' service, oil&filter, brake fluid, rear pads, rear discs skimmed, 3 new tyres Williams Automobiles Lotus
25/10/2001 34,458 Free off front calipers, replace NSR wheel bearing, OSF tyre Williams Automobiles Lotus
26/06/2001 30,133 'B' service, front pads Williams Automobiles Lotus
16/03/2001 26,169 Rear silencer Williams Automobiles Lotus
22/01/2001 23,857 'A' service, brake fluid, NSF tyre Williams Automobiles Lotus
01/08/2000 17,617 'B' service, brake fluid, rear silencer, CAS 'O' ring Williams Automobiles Lotus
23/03/2000 Change of owner
22/03/2000 12,156 Rear silencer Nelmes Lotus
31/01/2000 11,932 Replace wiper motor & linkage Nelmes Lotus
03/11/1999 11,758 Annual low mileage service, oil&filter, brake fluid Nelmes Lotus
23/10/1998 9,773 'B' service, brake fluid, spark plugs Nelmes Lotus
18/02/1998 8,832 Replace resistor for fan blower motor Nelmes Lotus
04/11/1997 8,482 'A' service Nelmes Lotus
06/11/1996 6,133 'B' service, brake fluid Nelmes Lotus
25/10/1995 3,385 'A' service Nelmes Lotus
31/03/1995 1,418 First service Nelmes Lotus
04/11/1994 - PDI Nelmes Lotus
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Re: Pacific blue S2 #253

Postby Paul Hague » Tue 20.02.2018, 21:50

More pictures
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