Oops - new guy thought this was about beer!

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Oops - new guy thought this was about beer!

Postby osxguru » Mon 09.11.2009, 03:19

British cars+Guinness=beer NO? :beer:
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Re: Oops - new guy thought this was about beer!

Postby nitroman » Mon 09.11.2009, 08:13

UK may outlaw the pint glass!
http://www.loweringthebar.net/2009/09/b ... pints.html

British Medical Experts Say Knives Too Pointy, Call For Ban
http://www.loweringthebar.net/2005/05/b ... dical.html

Really, are you guys THAT hard up for objects to kill each other with? Just make firearms legal again so you can do the job right & proper! :-) BTW, don't forget to outlaw 'sporks'. Those little nasties can poke your lip if you don't open wide enough! Oh the horror!
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