Guinness Book of records meet

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Guinness Book of records meet

Postby Allen » Wed 04.01.2006, 14:37

I'm an LEC 'virgin' can anyone give me any news about the proposed meet at Hethel for the 40th anniversary and the 'record' attempt!
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Postby Stef » Thu 05.01.2006, 13:39

Hi there. Thanks for your interest.

I'm the main organiser of this but things have been put on hold for a while.

Hoping to get the ball rolling again soon.

It also looks like we won't be holding it at Hethel as they have not been very co-operative.

I have now heard from Cancer Research UK and they may be able to help further with organising and awareness.

Watch this space! :D
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Huge Lotus meeting planned

Postby nchase » Wed 03.01.2007, 14:38

Lotus ExigeLotus dealer Lipscomb is to attempt a Guinness world record for the largest parade of Lotus cars ever.

It's to be held on Sunday 28 January 2007 at Brands Hatch. And naturally enough, Libscomb doesn't plan to do this with its own cars -- it needs your help. There's a hog breakfast as an added incentive.

So if you and your Lotus want to get involved in the challenge then register via the link below. ... ryId=15658
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Postby nchase » Wed 10.01.2007, 12:56

Just to bring everyone up to speed,

we have over 140 cars registered so far!(y) If anyone hasn't yet registered, we advise you do so asap by using the following link: ... ent_id=199

The magic number being 249 which is the current world record, so tell everyone you know

Invicta FM will be there and we are in the process of getting the BBC to cover the story. Members from Lotus & Lotus Motorsport will also be coming along, what they'll bring i'm not sure:o Motor Sports Vision are publicising this nationally aswell.

Format for the day is pretty much finalised, but will advise of this in due course aswell as on arrival.

Paul @ Lipscomb(y)

p.s. Thanks for everyone's help, information & support.:up
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Lotus Champions and World Record Holders Celebration

Postby nchase » Sat 08.09.2007, 17:55

Lipscomb - Saturday, 6-10-2007 - Lipscomb Lotus, Forstal Road, Aylesford, Kent, ME20 7XA

Hi All

You are all invited to our
"Lotus Champions and World Record Holders Celebration"

We will be celebrating the world record that we and all the Lotus drivers achieved in January 2007, and will be organising some interesting things to look at in our showroom and hopefully a full photoshoot of all the World Record drivers in the afternoon!
The event will be on Saturday 6th October probably from 1-5pm.

Everyone welcome (world record participants or not!)
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Postby timmo » Sat 15.12.2007, 00:43

Nick - Do you know why does the record not appear in the current GBoR?
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Postby nchase » Sat 15.12.2007, 08:35

They tend to be a year behind on their records or that was my view when reading through this year's book. It was finally agreed as a record later this year and I guess that was after it went to print. I am hoping it will be in next years.
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