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Postby Stef » Mon 09.01.2006, 14:59

To add to the benefits and awareness of our GBoR event I have been speaking to Cancer Research UK.

I would hope this event can help raise sponsorship and awareness of the good work Cancer Research UK do and in return benefit us from the promotion and extra press coverage they can provide.

If you would like to suggest an alternative or additional charity please post here.

Please also suggest any ways in which you would be happy to use the event to rasie funds for charity.

Thank you! :D
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Postby Sy V » Mon 09.01.2006, 15:31

We'll all have our favourite charities (for one reason or other) Stef. But I lost my mother to Alzheimer's so I've contributed to the Alzheimer’s Society since her death some 9 years ago.

Then, 4 years back we lost our nephew to Childhood Leukaemia, so since then contributions have been split 50-50.

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Postby davidjt » Mon 09.01.2006, 16:41


Like Sy, I have my own favourites (one being identical, and for the same reason); but I also think the one doing all the work gets 100 votes to everone else's one: so you nominate whoever you like and we'll be there.
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Postby Gary » Mon 09.01.2006, 23:01

Yep, I agree with Dave. Your the boss Stef.

Guess we could either go for sponsorship, or a donation from each car taking part ?
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