91 Elan Project Car for sale

Elans for sale in North America

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91 Elan Project Car for sale

Postby John Syracuse » Tue 08.12.2020, 21:46

The car isn't quite yet in running condition, but figured I'd go ahead and let enthusiasts know that I will be selling this car once it is. I have a project thread at the following location:


No price in mind, mostly just looking to get rid of it, so if you're interested in it as is, let me know, I can tell you about it and you can make an offer if you want.

I will still be trying to get it back together to a driving condition, at which point I'll be more expansive with my efforts to sell it.

Car is in Cape Canaveral area of FL, 98,700 miles, and in very rough shape.

PM me and I can talk about it, send pics, etc.

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Re: 91 Elan Project Car for sale

Postby SmilesAlot » Mon 11.01.2021, 04:10

Hi John,

I'm in Fort Lauderdale and just picked up a '91 Elan that also needs some work and parts. I sent you a PM, but as a new LEC member I'm having some issues sending messages... Could you PM or email me a phone number so I can give you a call?


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