Reduced cost 2010 Woodbridge Speedtrial

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Reduced cost 2010 Woodbridge Speedtrial

Postby Marcus_uk » Thu 08.07.2010, 20:26

Hi all,

Ive posted below an email I've got from a fellow forum member on the XJR6 forum which I am member of (the other car ... shhh). He hasnt had any takers from the Jag forum so I am posting it here on his behalf. If you are interested pm me and I will send you his email.

Dear Fellow Car Enthusiasts,

Are any of you interested in taking up my place at the 2010 Woodbridge Speedtrial. I’ve paid £90 for my entry, but due to my impending house move, cannot spare the time to attend. The event takes place on Saturday 17th July at Woodbridge Airfield, near Ipswich. You will have the opportunity to drive your car as fast as you like down a 2.2mile runway. Laser timing equipment is placed at 1.5miles down the runway to measure your speed at that point to 3 decimal places. The event is very well organized and is an excellent day out for any real car enthusiast. I have seen many exotic cars such as Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Pagan Hondas, GT40 replicas, Dodge Vipers, Porsches & Aston Martins along with a wide range of Jaguars at the event. You can get more information about the event by visiting

If you are interested in taking up my place and buying my entry off me at a reduced cost, then please get in touch.


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