Hethel Trackdays £99 - 3 Dates for 2016

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Hethel Trackdays £99 - 3 Dates for 2016

Postby ShaunM » Sat 28.11.2015, 20:41

http://www.magnitude-events.co.uk/shop/ ... track-day/

Check out this LOVELY photo on their website of M100 NMY with Ian Donnelly in the passenger seat. :bowdown:

8th May
9th July
25th September

Who's in?
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Re: Hethel Trackdays £99 - 3 Dates for 2016

Postby chipp » Sun 29.11.2015, 11:44

Ahh yes Ian Donnelly :bowdown: :bowdown: who's ian Donnelly?

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Re: Hethel Trackdays £99 - 3 Dates for 2016

Postby lotusflasherman » Sun 29.11.2015, 17:23

chipp wrote:Ahh yes Ian Donnelly :bowdown: :bowdown: who's ian Donnelly?


Martin Donnelly's twin maybe? :lol:

Nice picture Shaun but shame the whole picture is pissed. Looks much better when it's straightened so the buildings in the background are vertical / horizontal and then you can really see how your car is 'hanging on'...

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Re: Hethel Trackdays £99 - 3 Dates for 2016

Postby Brmelan » Thu 14.07.2016, 01:11

Hi ,
I just did one last weekend .Great fun and loved taking my S2 no 155 back to where she was built .
It's great go do it .
500 mile round trip for me but still worth it .
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