type49, new member from Belgium

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Re: type49, new member from Belgium

Postby simonbuk » Wed 19.04.2017, 11:41

Good work - its going to look great !!

I had an early MX5 in the same colours - people thought it was a Lotus Elan !!

Simon - Black S2

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Re: type49, new member from Belgium

Postby type49 » Thu 18.05.2017, 20:20

Well, it's a bit longer than expected....

The "oil" in the power steering bottle has been changed too. The fact is that a 25 year old "oil" don't leak with a 25 years old seal. The leak appears with new oil :-D
So the seal will have to be found and changed.

The twoo hoses going to the heating have been changed too? And so we've found that :(

IMG_0542.jpg (59.01 KiB) Viewed 46 times

and it broke down when we tried to clean it, so one more new part :wink:

apres.jpeg (36.59 KiB) Viewed 46 times

And last but not least....
The car has been refused by the Belgian MOT becausse of that :evil:


They found it is not an "original part" so we have to put the old disc back on place just to go to the MOT

Yes it is stupid :evil:

But the end is close :wink:
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Re: type49, new member from Belgium

Postby HJ2 » Fri 19.05.2017, 10:08

I'm really looking forward to some pictures of the grand total!
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