Hello from Peterborough,UK

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Hello from Peterborough,UK

Postby Birdie » Tue 14.11.2017, 17:11

Hello there, My name is Tim and I joined a few weeks back. I recently purchase a Calypso red S2 #303. Very nice.
As the Cam belt was over 16 years old I have had that replaced by Gav at Unit 4 Lotus specialist in Burton on Trent (v. please with the work). He also changed the power steering belt & Alternator belt at same time.
There are a few things to be done , rev counter fault , hood repair, crazing on Booster guage display so I am sure I will be asking a few ques on the technical help forum.
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Re: Hello from Peterborough,UK

Postby roy666 » Tue 14.11.2017, 21:47

Hi Tim & welcome. I have an S2, number 331, Azure Blue, so must have been the same week; well, maybe month. I'm at Stamford so not far away. Burton on Trent for a service?.. long way to go. Kelvedon is near by at Spalding and they also do a good service. good place for parts but not cheap. Cheers mike
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Re: Hello from Peterborough,UK

Postby Fredjohn » Tue 14.11.2017, 23:22

Hi and welcome to LEC.

Pictures are mandatory (!!!!) please......

Service change time for cambelt is max. 5 years. Looks like you were very lucky.
Also hope they changed the water pump and idler/tensioner at the same time as the cambelt. This is "recommended practice" as all the same bits will have to come apart again to do them if they didn't, especially if not touched in 16 years!

Lots of good advice proffered on here: not many problems have not been solved.

Enjoy the drive :burnout:
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Re: Hello from Peterborough,UK

Postby V8vroom » Sun 19.11.2017, 21:53


Kelvedon been having trouble getting me in so this year went to Spyder Cars in Whittlesey

I’m near Stamford with a Norfolk Mustard S2 - changing coils and leads next weekend

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Re: Hello from Peterborough,UK

Postby Giniw » Mon 20.11.2017, 13:28

Hello and welcome Birdie!
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